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Spa Packages @ Del La Rouge 

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Luxury Baths

Full Body Scrubs

Moroccan Bath (Hammam)

Del La Rouge Signature Treatment

Beach Babe Package

Mum to be Pamper Package

Hands and Feet De-stress 

Bridal Bliss

Intense Recovery Body Mask


Luxury Baths   30 Min   $60

Relax and unwind in the blissful ambience of your spa surroundings in a choice of bath suited to your needs. Find your inner Zen while indulging from a selection of sweet or savory mini platter and beverage.

With every Bath  


Release the Tension Bath                 

A relaxing bath to soothe and Realise the tension achieving deep relaxation using Epsom salt and your choice of aromatherapy. This supple bath will leave you feeling gently exfoliated and every muscle in your body relaxed.


Lavender Soak                                  

Detox and Destress with elements and minerals that naturally melt away anxiety while gently cleansing and softening the skin as you relax in a Lavender salt bath.

Forget your worries with a book or rest your eyes and soak it in.


Energise and Refresh                        

 Lemongrass and lime soak to revitalises the body and relieves symptoms of Stress Fatigue and Inflammation. Energy Boost Salts help to relax tired and aching muscles. Feel refreshed and Energised.


Full Body Scrubs           40 min   $85


Dead skin cells do not only make skin look dull but also act as barriers preventing the skin from absorbing nutrients and active ingredients from skincare products. Skin exfoliation on a regular basis is highly recommended for radiance and natural glow.

Includes your choice of a Bath or use of our Water Bar.

Sea Salt scrub                                

Sugar Polish Scrub

Essential Oil Scrub

Coffee & Mint Energizing Scrub


Moroccan Bath (Hammam)   60 min            $160

Vegan treatment

A relaxing yet rejuvenating skin cleansing for effective, stimulating detoxification.

The Moroccan Bath or “Hammam” is possibly the oldest therapeutic treatment in the world. The warm Shower and application of black Moroccan soap (beldi soap) provides intense detoxification and exfoliation of the skin. This is effective at clearing out pores and removing dead skin cells. The result is smoother, healthier skin. The relaxing environment of a Hammam also allows you to de-stress and unwind after a long, tiring day.

The Process

Sit under our amazing Water Bar

Exfoliation Mint scrub to soften your skin

The therapist will pour warm water over the skin and apply black Moroccan soap (beldi soap)

An exfoliating glove washed in warm water to massage the skin in linear and circular motions.

Finally, the body is washed with warm water to remove any dead skin cells, oil, or residual soap.

A full-body butter is applied to moisturise and protect the skin.


Del La Rouge Signature Treatment     180 min          $400

The Pure Indulgence package.

 Plunge yourself into the ultimate pampering journey and rediscover your inner Zen.

Starting with a delightful Aromatic Spa Foot soak to cleanse while enhancing the inner flow of energy by the reflexology. Calm your senses with a warm Relaxing Water Bar Shower preparing the skin for a deep cleansing. A total Body Exfoliation of your choice followed by a 40 minute Aromatherapy full body massage blowing away your tension. The session continues with a Spa Facial Treatment with its unique massage techniques, restoring and promoting an instant glow and Hydrated appearance. 

Melting away in a Lavender infused Bath cleansing your body and mind while enjoying a mini platter of sweet or savory treats, with a beverage for your ultimate relaxation. 

Your ultimate Body experience:

Pre-Treatment Consultation

Spa Aromatic Foot Soak

Relaxing Water Bar Shower. (5 minutes)

Body Exfoliation with your choice of Body Scrub (30 Minutes)

Aromatherapy Massage (40 Minutes)

Spa Facial Treatment

Lavender Bath Ritual (20 Minutes) served with a selection of sweet of savory mini platter and beverage



Beach Babe Package            90 min $180

Glow up Beach body ready all year around

 Look Radiant and glow from head to toe this journey begins with a soothing 30 Minute Massage to wash away the Tension and stress purifying mind and body. Boost your body’s Glow by indulging in a dry scrub leaving your skin feel like it lives in the ocean. Getting rid of all surroundings and melting away in our Water bar sending your body in to a state of Beach Bliss.

Finally, to complete your journey your choice of bronzed spray tan or a grounding Foot Soak.


Your Experience

30 Min Massage with a choice of Therapeutic Essence

Dry Salt scrub in circular motion

Lay under the Water Bar while the salt melts off your body

Choice Spray Tan or Foot Soak


  Bridal Bliss                   90 min  $210          

The ultimate Spa experience for a beautiful Bride to be.

 Get that bridal glow on your big day Starting your spa experience with a 40 min Full body indulging Massage an immediately calming effect with a fresh flow of energy as our expert therapists gently soothe your tensions away. Followed by a Spa facial to prepare & Pamper your skin for your big day. A Scrub of your choice to polish your body and your lips you’ll look even more radiant and feel blissfully serenity. 

You Experience

40Min Full body Massage

Lip scrub

Spa Facial to suit your skin.

Scrub of your choice

Lay under the Water Bar while the salt melts off your body



Hands and Feet De-stress            60 Minute $110                    

Pampering your tired hands & feet, this treatment is designed to make your hands & feet revived and rejuvenated. Starting with a hand and foot soak followed by an invigorating Mint scrub.  Mask and massage to soften and nourish, leaving them smooth and softened, while its subtle scent calms your soul. We end this experience with a Spa Manicure and Pedicure. 

Mum to be Pamper Package                  90 min  $210

Relax and feel the weight of stress lifted.

 Have a pregnant moment and immerse yourself with the calm and serenity of this treatment. Great for woman in the second and third trimester. We starting this journey with a warm foot soak feeling the stress meltaway as our therapist softly massages away the tension.

Pampering your tired neck shoulders and decolletage with a light massage.

Soon after drawing a signature Lavender-soaked bath to relax you mind body and soul.

Finishing off with a grounding Mini pedicure. Surrender to a state of bliss.

Your experience

Foot soak, Massage, and scrub.

Followed by a soft and calming neck shoulder

and decolletage massage.

Soak your body in our signature Lavender Bath

and enjoy a sweet or savory Platter and a Beverage of choice.

Finishing with a Mini pedicure.


Intense Recovery Body Mask                  40 min  $100          

 Hydrating Spa experience from top to toe .

Intense Recovery Body Mask is a luxurious and fresh crème-gel mask with Pro-vitamins B5, C & E, Hyaluronic Acid, Shea Butter and Pomegranate extract. This action packed mask provides an instant moisture surge for quick hydrating relief for dry and tired skin. It also contains nourishing botanicals and a multivitamin complex for long term hydration and barrier support. Intense Recovery Body Mask easily rinses or wipes off, leaving no greasy or powdery residue, just silky smooth hydrated and youthful looking skin.

Vegan | Cruelty Free | Gluten Free

Add on To Any Spa Service or do it on its own 

Lay under the Water Bar while the Mask melts off your body