Spray Tanning Sydney


Enjoy a flawless tan without sun damage instantly look darker with out the blotchy affect looks like a natural tan instantly.

Del La Rouge uses only the best in spray tanning technology our service is completely mobile and we bring along a few spray tanning products so that we can use the right product for your skin type.

Price List

Pre tan or pre wedding salt scrub 
One off mobile spray tan
Bridal party   
5 or more
Products that we use include:
  • Black Magic
  • Techno Tan
  • St trope

Treat your self to a salt scrub to make your  skin Glow before you do a spray tan . 

Things to do before your spray tan appointment

    PREPARE - Its best to wax or shave the day before you tan.
    SCRUB UP - Thoroughly exfoliate your body paying special attention to any dry areas. Or we can professionally exfoliate your body before your tan.
    AVOID - Don't wear body moisturiser or deodorant to your tanning session.
    CLOTHING - Wear loose dark clothing to your session.
    Things to do after your spray tan appointment
    STAY DRY - Do not shower, get wet or exercise for 8 hours or ask the spray tanning professional how long till you achieve the tan or color you want.
    PAMPER - Your tan will last longer on well hydrated skin so moisturise twice a day.
    AVOID - Soaking in a bath, chlorinated pools or sea water will cause your tan to fade faster and remember tanning products do not contain a sunscreen and won't protect you against sunburn, so take the usual precautions.